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NCP Korea's complaint process is as follows:

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    • 절차종료 시 공표
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      • 미합의 시 권고

Receipt of a complaint

If a complaint related to the implementation of the guidelines is received, the NCP will decide whether it will accept and notify the parties within 30 days from the receiving date. If acceptance of the complaint is considered to be inappropriate, the NCP will notify the parties of the refusal within 30 days from the receiving date stating the reasons for refusal.

Initial assessment

The NCP will assess the complaint, the answer provided by a multinational enterprise and all the additional information submitted by the parties. The NCP will make an initial assessment of whether the issues raised merit further examination, after listening to the parties’ opinions, respond to the parties involved, and publish its decision on the website within 90 days from the receiving date whether additional procedure proceeds or not.

Good offices

When the issue raised is approved for further examination, NCP will offer good offices to help the parties involved to resolve the issue. For this purpose, in case of need, the NCP can consult with the parties, and also seek advice from business community, worker organizations, other NGOs, and relevant experts.

Issuing a statement about the implementation of the guidelines and recommendation :

When no agreement is reached, the NCP will issue parties’ arguments related to the implementation of the guidelines and in case of need, make appropriate recommendations to the parties.

NCP will report annually its activities including the results of its specific instance procedures to OECD.