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Organization chart

  • NCP
    • 위원장 : 산업통상자원부 투자정책관
    • 위원 : 정부위원 및 민간위원 각 3인
  • 중재위원회
    • 위원장 : NCP 위원
    • 위원 : 외부 전문가 2인
  • 사무국 (대한상사중재원)
    • 사무국장 : 기획관리본부장

The KNCP is operated as a organization in which the government and civilians jointly participate. The chairman commissioner (hereinafter “the chairman”) shall be the Director General for Cross-Boarder Investment of The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (hereinafter, “MOTIE”) and the NCP consists of seven non-permanent commissioners including one chairman. The committee members are
① appointed by the head of agencies relevant to the specific instances with a request from the Minister of MOTIE from among section heads of state public officials.
② appointed by the Minister of MOTIE from among people with professional and abundant experiences in the specific OECD guidelines instances, and ability to conduct the procedures in a fair manner.

We are operating the Arbitration Committee to effectively mediate/arbitrate the specific instances.

The secretariat shall be the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board(KCAB). KCAB shall delegate the following particulars;
- Enquiries of the guidelines
- Promotion and education of the guidelines
- Preliminary investigation
- Report on the implementation status of the guidelines to MOTIE and the OECD